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5 Effective Tips to Hifz the Quran

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All human beings have been sent for the worship of Allah in this world. The purpose of their existence is to follow Allah’s rules. Prophet of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has taught us to walk on the right path by his sayings and acts.

The Holy Quran is also a source of guidance and knowledge. The Quran is the divine book of Allah that told us about Allah and that He is superior and the creator of everything. The Holy Quran tells us what Allah likes and what He dislikes. It contains all the aspects of human life, from life to death, marriage and divorce, relationship and business, family and parenting, etc. A Muslim should learn the knowledge of the Quran to know how to live life according to Islam.

The Holy Quran has been revealed in the Arabic language. But it has been translated into many other languages. The first and most important duty of a Muslim belonging to any language is to learn the Quran.
Quran memorization brings lots of rewards and blessings for a Muslim. In fact, it is obligatory for every Muslim to memorize a portion of the Quran for performing the rituals of Salah. If you or your kids want to memorize the Quran you can visit our site.

Memorizing the Quran is a little difficult task, especially for those people who do not know the Arabic language. . It requires a great deal of commitment, consistency, and hard work. This article will help you how to memorize Quran easily and faster.

1. Commitment to Hifz Quran

The important point before starting an online Hifz course is commitment. Once you start it, you should be fully prepared to face all the difficulties that come during this journey. You should make a goal (memorizing the Quran) and pay attention to it. You have to give it time daily and keep yourself motivated all the time. If you think you cannot do it anymore, forget all about it and always ask for help from Allah. The dua will help you with your memorization.

2. Chose a proper time to memorize

After you have decided to learn Quran memorization you have to make changes to your daily activities and routine. Chose a suitable time for memorization that works for you. Learn a few lines (also known as Sabaq) after Fajr. Learning the Quran in the morning is more beneficial and you can memorize more than at any other time. Also, revise and practice your lesson in the evening because learning before sleeping is helpful in remembering what you learned after you wake up.

3. Select a devoted teacher

Learning the Quran from a qualified, experienced, and devoted tutor is necessary. There are countless institutions that provide online Hifz classes to their students with qualified and skilled male and female tutors. Hire a qualified religious tutor who has also memorized the Quran. Both You and your tutor should be devoted to the task. The tutor plays an important role that can make the task easier for you.

4. Start from the last Juzz of the Quran

After you have found a devoted tutor you can start your daily online Hifz classes. Start from the end of the Quran, also known as Juzz Amma because most of the Surah in this Juzz are short and easy to memorize. You can easily memorize one surah daily, starting from the last chapter. If it is difficult for you and does not work, you can start from any other Surah that is easy for you.

5. Read it to someone

Memorization is a little difficult task and needs practice and practice is more effective if it is done with someone. Ask one of your family members to test your lesson. In this way you will point out your mistakes and learn how to fix them. . Of course, you have your own online Hifz tutor with whom you can practice during the class but you need to revise your lesson with someone after the class too.