StarPro Boxing Equipment for Home Workouts

5 Best StarPro Boxing Equipment for Home Workouts 2021

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Boxing is an extremely beneficial sport to take up, both for the body and the mind: it helps you get fit and strong, ups your endurance and discipline, and makes you an overall more agile and focused athlete. Boxing training might seem intimidating, but you don’t have to go all out at a boxing gym to start. Some instructional videos and basic boxing equipment for home use are all you need. Our pick of gear is from Starpro Combat, and these classic multi-use pieces are sure to be a long-lasting fitness favorite in your home.


Material: Premium PU synthetic leather

Features: Hydra-flow mesh, Velcro closure, 18-ounce weight


This heavily padded glove might seem like a lot for home use, but it’s the ideal piece to use for bag workouts. It’s great for beginners and advanced fighters alike: its thick injection-moulded foam padding makes your fist natural fist close naturally, taking pressure off your forearm. The thick foam is also shock-absorbent, which is exactly what you need when you’re attacking a bag (they fight back!)

The wide-set Velcro strap is ideal for home use because you don’t have to find someone to help you do up your laces. It also keep your hand firmly in place to avoid injury. Hydra-flow mesh is Starpro Combat’s name-brand sweat wicking material, and it keeps your hands comfortable and dry during those intense home workout sessions.

These come at a super-low price point for the high quality stitching and the tech heavy features they provide, making them the ideal investment for people who want to test the waters with some new bag gloves.


Material: Polyester cordura matt 550 denier parachute

Features: PVC backing for a sturdier finish, portable nylon carry bag, hanging chain


A classic heavy bag is a must for home boxing workouts: it’s strength training and cardio in one with the resistance it provides. Bag work is great for fat-burning and getting your heart rate up, and this is a good starting size at 18-20kg. A lightweight bag filled with textile fillings, its also ideal for those who don’t want risk their walls or ceiling an extra-dense sand bag.

This bag comes with a 4-point and swivel chain for maximum support and minimum swing. The nylon tape attachments make hanging it in the home even more convenient. And it’s totally safe: it’s machine-scanned to get rid of any stray metal pieces, so it meets the highest quality standards.


Material: High grade synthetic leather

Features: Tough elastic top and bottom straps, changeable inner latex, lace closure


Double end bags are the star of the show when it comes to dynamic training that improves your agility and reflex time. It’s not just your precision that goes up; it’s your heart rate too, and that’s why these make for an excellent cardio as well. This speedball is recommended for its extremely affordable price point as well as its extra-durable bladder. It’s the more lightweight punching bag option for those who don’t have space for a heavy bag.


Materials: Woven polyester/elastic mix

Features: Hook and loop strap, Velcro closure, Aero foam-padded knuckle


No matter how good the fit of your glove, hand-wraps always make it better. They make up for the natural gape that a glove might get after being worn, and they also make the fit more snug for a safer workout. Keep these at home to make sure your gloves fit their best. These particular inner gloves have a hook and loop strap for easy wrist and forearm support. The fabric is also a breathable cooling variety for maximum comfort. With five color options from red to pink, there’s a hand-wrap for everyone.


Materials: Korean PU Duratec leather

Features: Injection molded foam, Velcro Closure

Benefits: If you’re thinking of getting the little ones into boxing as an at-home hobby and workout, you need to have them kitted out with the right gloves. The Pro Kids boxing gloves by Starpro are just that: made with easy-to maintain Duratec leather alternative, these gloves are great quality at a low price point which makes them easy to replace if the kids are getting bigger.  

The thick wrist closure on these doubles as an effective protective measure to keep delicate joints from spraining. The injection moulded foam padding disperses shock across the glove, reducing impact. Breathable and soft, these are our recommended kids gloves.