5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Use in 2020

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Affiliate marketing has become one of the most important types of marketing. It is performance-based marketing. With the help of affiliate marketing, the businessmen have to pay to the affiliates who are bringing visitors or customers to their websites. Affiliate marketing is helpful for the businessmen to increase their revenue. According to the report of Hosting Tribunal, the businessmen can increase the revenue of their businesses up to 30% with the help of affiliate marketing. More than 94% of the businessmen are using more than one affiliate programs to boost up the sales of their products. Here, we will discuss the top five marketing trends to use in 2020.

Diversify Your Affiliates:

On the internet, you can find various places to promote your products and services. Therefore, you should not use only one affiliate marketing program for the promotion of your products and services. You should try to look for various affiliate marketing programs. You can find out various affiliates between the blogs, social media sites and word of mouth. As a businessman, you should include it in your goals to find out the new affiliates to promote your products and services. No doubt, to find out new affiliates is a hard task for you. Anyhow, with the help of little efforts, you can achieve this milestone. You should not use only one channel to find out affiliates. You can use various channels to find out the affiliates. When you will use various channels and platforms to find out the affiliates, you will find more diversity in the content to promote your products and services. As a result, you can show your brand at the new places to the untapped audience. The best way to promote your products and services is to use a mixture of bloggers and social media influencers.

Rethink Influencer Promotions:

In 2019, we have seen some major changes in the influencer marketing area. During the first quarter of this year, we have seen the regulations of influencer marketing across various platforms. In the next quarter, we have seen that affiliate marketing was pushed back to the top tier influencers. At the end of 2019, we have seen new trends in affiliate marketing after the announcement of Instagram for the removal of Likes. It has opened new opportunities for affiliate marketing in 2020. First is known as pay for promotion influencers. In the past, the businessmen have to pay to the affiliates based on the likes. Now, this is hidden. That’s why they have to pay to the affiliates based on the visitors that they are sending to their business websites. It has increased the revenue of the businessmen. The second thing is known as micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are the social media influencers with the little fan following. The businessmen are also finding these influencers. Its reason is that they have a niche-focused fan following. As a result, they can provide more value to the businessmen than other influencers.

Focus On The Video Content:

Research by a dissertation help firm shows that in 2020, the video has become the preferred content for the consumers. Therefore, you should also include videos in your affiliate marketing strategy. Different states are showing the importance of the video content for the businessmen. According to Wyzowl, almost 72% of the consumers are trying to learn about the products by watching the videos rather than by reading blog posts. The report of Forbes is showing that people remember the call to actions after watching videos rather than by reading blog posts. According to Google, most of the people are searching for their products on YouTube rather than on Google. The report of the Wyzowl is showing that more than 84% of people like to buy products after watching the videos. Therefore, as a businessman, you can’t deny the importance of the videos while promoting your products and services. You should try to find out such influencers who are famous in creating the video content. YouTuber, Facebook Live and Instagram stories are the best platforms to find out these kinds of influencers. After finding these influencers, you can promote the most popular content of your business.

Consider Mobile:

As we know that most of the people are using internet on mobile devices rather than desktops. Therefore, you should try to find such influencers who are creating the best quality content for mobile users. We should know that it is difficult for mobile users to read long-form articles. They can easily watch YouTube videos and social media posts on their mobile devices. Anyhow, some people are also sharing mobile-optimized content for the readers. You should find these kinds of influencers to promote your products and services on mobile devices. After finding these influencers, you should send those landing pages that will fit on the mobile devices. It is the best way to increase the revenue of your business website. Moreover, you should also try to make your website mobile optimized. If your website is not mobile optimized, people will not take interest in your products and services.

Never Ignore Data-Driven Findings:

You should also optimize your affiliate programs by using the data-driven findings. With the help of these findings, you can get in-depth data about your business website and its affiliate programs. Based on this data, you can easily decide which things are working for you and which things are not working for you. It means that you can analyze your affiliate data at one place. It is also the best way to get an idea about the most performing content of your website. You can also use it to find out the top performers among the influencers. For this reason, Tapfiliate is the best tool for you. It has lots of features. In the reports of this tool, you can find out useful information about the active affiliates, total conversions and amount of the commission etc. You can also find out the conversion trend reports. These reports will be filtered based on the days, months and years. It is the best tool to gather geo-mapping data.