4 Ways To Get Rid Of Falling Tress and Branches

Long beautiful trees add beauty to your house and front yard as well as provide a sense of privacy. It keeps the house cool during the summers and adds up a great value to the property. These trees demand regular maintenance as storm, rain, wind, age, and disease turn these beautiful trees into a hazard within moments.  All the trees need to be pruned so that they won’t interfere with your or main power lines and other equipment causing power outages.

If they aren’t well managed it can cause trouble to your neighbors as well which in many cases turn to dispute. Besides, the trees or vegetations combined with power lines are a dangerous situation especially for children who love to play around climbing trees or starting a fire. However, there are few smart ways you can implement while planting and maintaining the trees which can protect your house and family.

These actions are planned in consultation with the experts and the aim is to work with the owner of the house or tree in maximizing the protection and minimizing the power outage issues. Tree management needs to be done by the owner only and regularly. If you see unwanted branches or growth of the tree, consult an expert from tree lopping Sydney who will monitor and start the pruning or removal of trees or branches that are being a threat to come in contact with the power lines, minimizing the risk to the owners by trees touching power lines.

Do not try to make the required changes on your own, as it could be illegal in your area plus you will be putting yourself in life-threatening situations. An expert will comply with all the government rules and regulations while taking care of all the security measures. As a tree owner, you have the responsibility of taking care of the trees. Check out for all the guidelines and regulations there are in your area by the government which will guide you through the responsibilities of the tree owner.

If there is any damage done by the trees in the electricity network or infringing the lines or equipment, the tree owner will be liable and the trees include all kinds of vegetation like shrubs, hedges, or climbing vines. A regular pruning process is required in the vegetation zone such as two years for high voltage lines and five years for low voltage lines. The reason for this is to maintain the ongoing safety measures and reduce the power outage risks. However, the pruning rate differs for species having low or high growth rates.

1.Season Ready-

Get yourself prepared before the season hits by running a check of your trees and vegetation regarding their stability and growth length. Hire a professional if you are unsure about the situation as they will also guide you through for further tree-care assessments to run on your own.

This will save you a lot of money as fees and penalties in the case of any damage by your liabilities. These professionals could spot a problem instantly and make the desired changes done to prevent damage during strong high winds, heavy rains, or snowfall.


During the season, your trees will face a lot of damage from the various weather conditions. One such major event like heavy wind or ice storm ends, go out and make damage checks run around the trees. What you are looking for is broken twigs, branches, bent or broken trees, and other such debris.

You can remove small branches and twigs by your naked hands only but if there is a bent or the tree has broken, it’s time to call an expert from tree lopping Sydney as you might get hurt while putting a ladder and trying yourself.

3.Large Branches-

Large branches become hazardous once they grow out way too long, especially in the case of the tree being near the pole lines and branches hanging over your roof. An expert can help you get rid of this problem by chopping up the length of the branch without totally removing it from the tree. The other alternatives will be holding up all the branches together when they overgrow or bend over.

4.Tree Health-

Every tree has the problem of large branches falling over and causing trouble to you, neighbors, or the passer-by. When you are running a checking process of your trees for all the dead and broken branches, bends, make sure to look for vital signs of infections, diseases, infestation like small insects crawling or flying, eaten up the trunk, or unnecessary falling of leaves.

These problems can be spotted and treated instantly with the help of an expert or by just yourself. There are cases in which deep inspection is required such as damage in the root systems.