30 Reasons Why I Write – Good And Bad Things About Being Writer

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This week, in the MOLPE blog, I have written an article about the public face of the writer. In this article I try to talk about the good things and the bad things about being a writer. Yes, I’m going to get out of my editorial calendar a bit, but I thought you might like to know why I do what I do.
Writing is not a job like any other. A lawyer doesn’t have to answer questions like: Aren’t you afraid to be a lawyer? Where do you get the ideas for that claim? When are you going to find a real job? About the person who decides to write there are a series of prejudices, something that those of us who dedicate ourselves to this know and what we face on a daily basis.
Luckily we have developed natural defenses against this type of situation. In some cases, you smile and shit on their dead silently. In other cases, you respond very politely, and in some you just turn around and change the subject.
Writing is a wonderful job. I live from what I write. I live by blogging, writing reviews, and writing literature. For me, there is no other way of life and it is difficult for me to imagine my life without spending several hours a day in front of a keyboard.
For all that, today I want to tell you the reasons why I write, do you want to know them?

30 Reasons Why I Write

1 . I like to create. Since I was little and mounted fights between the Knights of the Zodiac and the GiJoe, I have always liked to imagine stories. I love creating situations, characters and dialogues. I enjoy associating ideas that, from the outset, would have nothing to do with it.
2 . I like to write. I have always liked the feeling of writing, beyond creating or not. I like to write, I love to take notes, I love to see my writing written… I just like it. It’s my fetish.
3 . Writing is a way to clear my head. Throughout life we get emotionally dirty, there are many particles of shit floating around us and, like it or not, some of them just stick to us. There are many people who hurt us or treat us badly, there are people who dislike us and situations that stress us. Writing is my way of eliminating all the impurities that stick to me every day. Yes, ghost writing is like my liver.
4 . I was out of work for a long time. In the midst of the crisis, after closing a bar that I had set up with my effort, I was left with nothing and every job interview was a frustration. One of the things that hurt me the most was being asked what I did. The simple question: What do you do? It was like a kick in the balls. However, now I love to say that I am a writer.
5 . Writing has given me the ability to be a functional person again. Thanks to what I write I can pay bills and have an adult life again … so they say that money does not make happiness … Ha!
6 . We all have a story to tell. We all need to transfer emotions and thoughts to others. For me, writing is the best way to do it.
7 . Writing changes your life. There are readings that change your life. And there are lives that need that change. One of the best things that can happen to me is to receive an email or a comment from a person that I have helped in some way.
8 . If I don’t write, I would rust. If I don’t challenge myself, I’ll atrophy myself.
9 . Writing has helped me develop as a person. Writing on this blog has helped me understand life in a different way. It has changed me in many ways, it has given me patience, it has taught me to listen and understand other points of view. It has also helped me to defend my point of view and to know when to say no and when to say enough.
10 . Writing has allowed me to meet wonderful people that I would never have met otherwise.
11 . Writing and sharing what we write is the foundation of the Internet. Writing has been the basis of the greatest collective intelligence that humanity has been able to create. I like to think that I contribute my grain of sand to that intelligence.
Be careful, you have to share what can be shared. Piracy is a crime.
12 . I am a fetishist of the lyrics. I love seeing a word processor page full of letters, I love seeing the pages of a story come out of my printer, I love flipping through my idea notebooks — I love the crunching sound of word-filled sheets.
13 . Writing is the only job I’ve ever felt comfortable with in my entire life. I only feel fulfilled when I write.
14 . The readers of my blog are artists; They are writers, they are bloggers and they are people who create art and wonderful things. If I can inspire just one of them, I feel incredibly good.
15 . My best friends write. Writing connects me to them.
16 . Writing allows me to do a great job of introspection. Writing allows me to discover things about myself.
17 . We are in the middle of a tremendous change in the publishing world. Publishing and editing are going through a time of transition and I have the incredible opportunity to contribute my grain of sand to this change. It’s like being on one of Columbus’s ships on his voyage to the West Indies.
18 . Writing is a form of innovation, it allows me to experiment.
19 . Writing was one of the great milestones of humanity. It is one more step in that evolution that has distinguished us as a species. Participating in that is exciting.
20 . My partner is a pianist and he loves that I am a writer. We are the coolest of all parties … Too bad we don’t go to many parties …
21 . Writing is much more than putting words on the page. Writing requires dedication and effort, something that for me, which is easily distracted and which is very difficult for me to focus on a single goal, has been a challenge, a way to improve myself.
22 . Writing well is a desired skill in many business fields. Copywriters and copywriters are profiles in high demand today.
23 . Writing allows me to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life.
24 . Today everyone surfs for content. Everyone wants to read an article that changes their life or with which they learn something. I like to challenge myself to write those kinds of articles — whether I succeed or not is another thing.
25 . The good thing about being a writer is that it won’t matter how much older I do. I can always keep writing. I watched as my grandfather, who had spent his life working in the fields, would wither when he got too old to go every day to see his fields. I don’t want to think that that could happen to me.
26 . It allows me to have an active mind and saves me from the rottenness of television.
27 . Because there are really cool words that are really cool to write like: Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, which is the fear of pronouncing long words.
28 . Last week I joined Writing is my job. Many bloggers and writers joined us, denounced piracy and, although we all talked about the same thing, each one expressed it differently. That is one of the wonders of writing, my thoughts are mine and that makes each thing we write unique .
29 . It allows me to distract myself while my girlfriend wants to watch TV.
30 . I want my readers to someday think of me the way I think of my favorite writers. Yes, I want to be idolized. Yes, it is a selfish thought, but I sweat it. It is what it is.
Well, those are my reasons for writing . Surely you have other reasons why you love to write. You can tell me some in the comments or on the networks. I will be happy to read you.