Today, students remain tied up with exam preparation, extracurricular activities, seminars, workshops, projects, etc. Thus, it becomes really difficult for us to devote our 100% in each assignment. This is when we take the help of the academic service providers.

I am Eric Draxler, from Germany, currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in management studies from the University of Leeds. A few months ago, I was assigned a task on financial management and accounting. However, the task required a lot of research work. And, I didn’t have the time to work on the assignment as I was involved with project work.

So, I placed an order at Assignment help 4 me. Now, I wish I hadn’t. They provided me with

1. Plagiarized Content

I was lucky enough to find out that the content was plagiarized before I submitted the task at my university. After I received the assignment, I checked it on Grammarly, and it showed me that almost 37% of the write-up was ripped off from published journals. The experts at did not even cite the sources.

Later, I found out that the

2. Service is not Legal

Let me explain what I meant by this statement. If the experts had qualifications in management studies, they would have provided me with a top-notch write-up. But the task that they handed me was not up-to-the-mark. I believe that the service provider is operating under false pretence and is a scam.

3. Price Structure was High

After I submitted the task at my university, I explored the Internet a bit further. I was surprised to find out that there were other academic service providers in the UK that offered quality task at a price much lower than that demanded by This is because the service that provided was not worth my money. Assignmenthelp4me was not good at all. I had expected better quality from the experts.

As you can see, my experience with was horrible. I would suggest everyone not to rely on this service provider for academic assistance. Instead, look for a decent academic writing service like