Types of uPVC Window Designs

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The trend of using uPVC material in the doors and windows has been on the rise, all thanks to the number of benefits it provides. uPVC material shows an amazing blend of modernness and improved features. It is a strong and reliable material that is heat and noise-resistant. It does not demand high maintenance and can be cleaned simply using water and detergent.

uPVC doors and windows have an increased rate of success as apart from being long-lasting and durable, they are strengthened with galvanized steel which makes them resist unfavorable conditions easily.

The amazing thing about uPVC is that it can be made to accommodate a large variety of window shapes and designs. If you want to impart your house with that elegant and inspiring bespoke look, then choosing the right kind of windows is crucial.

Types of uPVC Window Designs:

#1. Sliding Windows:

Sliding windows have horizontally opening windows which give cross-ventilation and lighting options. They are easy to use and provide a clear view of their surroundings. They are also power-efficient as they effectively block airflow from inside to outside and vice versa. Sliding windows aid in saving space too as they don’t occupy vertical space as in the case of normal windows. Your room will automatically appear larger if you choose them for your house.

#2. French Windows:

One advantage of French windows is the lighting in your room. French windows have a frame that has window glass running through its whole length. Other than lighting, they also make your home look spacious. They are most capable of outer walls as they provide an amazing view of the outside world. They can be decorated with big curtains and blinds to give your home a rich look.

#3. Casement Windows:

Casement windows have vertical opening windows fixed with side-mounted hinges. They are one of the most highly preferred window designs. They can be opened broadly and provide a lot more ventilation as compared to fixed windows. Casement windows provide high security since it’s very difficult to break in since their hook-shaped locks are embedded within the frame making them untouchable from outside.

#4. Two Sash Windows:

These are made up of movable panels known as sashes. Two sash windows have been in use for ages and continue to be one of the most preferred choices especially in traditional homes. It provides a perfect blend of attractiveness yet utility. It provides double ventilation benefit as when both the sashes are opened, it provides a path for fresh, cool air to come inside while letting the warm air to exit the room.

Be it your home or office, nothing compares to the feeling of relaxing inside your room, gazing out of the window. Windows are all about understated elegance and can take the focus away from a plain wall.

#5. Bay Window:

uPVC Bay Windows combines windows so that they project out beyond the house wall. This not only gives you space inside your room but also lets in more light thus making it one of the most elegant window designs.

#6. Casement Window:

One of the most commonly found yet popular window designs is the single or multi-pane Casement Window. These windows open up broadly like a door permitting air to flow into the room whilst providing a clear view of the outside world.

#7. Tilt Turn Window:

Tilt and turn windows are multi-functioning windows which effortlessly blends in with modern interiors. It’s inward opening works with a simple twist of the handle and helps provide a decent look to any room. It helps bring in more light to your room at the same time enabling secure and controlled ventilation.

#8. Sliding Window:

One of the most adaptable and easy to use window style is the uPVC sliding window design. Just with slight force, these windows open, because of rollers at the bottom for easy wide views. These windows create a pleasing effect to the sight at the same time giving your home a rich upgrade.

#9. Double-Hung Window:

 These windows help maintain your home’s charm and aesthetics while providing all the benefits of a stylish maintenance-free uPVC window hence, providing both modernness and great functionality.

#10. Louvered Window:

 Louvered windows allow for the maximum amount of ventilation and air while fully open and also proving to be an appealing and practical window alternative. These are available in a choice of blade options including glass, timber, and aluminium.

#11. Combination Window:

Filled with modern appeal, these windows are flexible and blend of several window styles in one. These windows are a combination of two similar or different types of windows as well. The huge advantage is that all windows are merged into one big frame thus providing unmatched reliability and seamless integration.

#12. Villa Window:

Villa windows easily combine style and substance providing a suitable solution for accentuating the décor of any room in your house. This is the only window with a built-in mesh and grill to keep insects and unwanted substances at bay, its smart engineering also allows for enough ventilation.

#13. Glass to Glass Window:

These windows are perfect for adding extra light to the room, glass-to-glass windows assist in creating an illusion of space while providing incredible views without any barrier. A great way to lighten up any décor, these windows are created together and guarantee to emphasize the enlighten your house.

#14. Fixed Window:

these are also known as a picture window, these windows are fixed, non-opening windows only to allow light into the room while keeping out the components. This simple yet aesthetic window provides an unblocked view of the outside and is ideal for systemizing your interiors. Perfect to lighten up those dulls walls these.


We have given you enough reasons to get uPVC windows or doors installed in your home. There are so many cool options available to make your house look elegant.

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