Italian Clothing Online

In Italy and its culture, fashion is an important part, and they give minute attention to the details and to how people are dressed around them. Italians, especially Italian women are very fashion-conscious and there are a few things that you need to know if you are travelling to this beautiful place.

How to Dress The Italian Way

The Clothes Should Fit You Well:

The Italians love to look prim and proper and a well-fitted look is always a very popular choice to look classy. Italians love those outfits which highlight the high points of a person.

Men wear shorts rarely, and that too only during a vacation or at the resorts. Women prefer wearing little-longish capri pants. People in Italy do not prefer baggy clothes or something too casual, thus tracksuits or sweat pants are just not the right options. Even when they wear jeans, they like pairing them with dressy tops. If you search for Italian clothing online, you will get a wide collection of stylish, dressy tops, lagenlook clothing and Italian linen dresses.

Italian linen dresses

Stylish, Classy Footwear: 

Just like they study one’s outfits, the Italians love to do the same with one’s footwear too. They like minimal, stylish, classy shoes. Crocs, flip-flops, or slippers are a big No-No unless you are hitting the beaches.

Choose a good-quality leather or fabrics like suede for your shoes. Maintain them well to keep them in good shape and let them shine and do all the talking. Nice ballet-style shoes, high heels for dinners or smart boots are some good options for women. If one is not very comfortable with high heels, wedges can be a good option too.

Outfits for The Evening:

When you are visiting Italy, change the outfit


s worn during the daytime, if you go out during the evening. You wouldn’t see men wearing shorts very commonly and it is considered to be more elegant for men to wear shirts without collar buttons or breast pockets.

If you are going for jeans, get a regular, well-fitted, to pair with a nice jacket. For your trip to Italy, do make it a point to pack a dress and skirt.

Italian linen dresses


Go for Classic Colours: 

It is a rare occasion to find Italians sporting vibrant colours and loud prints, rather they prefer to stick to the classic colours. Good old solid, classic colours like white, black, tan, blue, grey etc just work perfectly. One can also wear pastel shades.

Dress Appropriately for The Vatican: 

If you are visiting Italy, you will visit the Vatican for sure. But there are some specific dress codes/ etiquettes that you need to follow when at the Vatican.

Vatican City is the residence of the Pope and is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. One should avoid wearing tank tops or any top or dress that exposes the shoulders. Sporting anything too revealing when visiting churches or cathedrals are considered to be a sign of disrespect. One should not wear a miniskirt or shorts to the Vatican as these too are frowned upon.

Italian Fashion Online

How to Accessorise Your Outfits?

Throughout your trip to Italy, you can expect it to remain very sunny, especially in the Southern parts, so sunglasses and sunscreens are an absolute necessity. You can also carry a stole to cover yourself up. Italians also like sporting straw hats with brims chic, which would save your eyes and skin from the hot, sunny weather.

Do remember to carry a sweater or jacket (remember nothing casual, nothing loud) for the dinner dates or sudden changes of weather conditions. For winter chills, one would require thick padded winter coats, scarves, gloves, and probably a hat too. A pair of classic leather boots can keep your feet warm.

If you want to buy Italian fashion online, websites like Belle Love UK sell classy, Italian clothes in soft or pastel shades just the way Italians like.