Download QuickBooks File Doctor

We all are pretty aware of the fact that Intuit released QB software which provides powerful bookkeeping and accounting solutions. Many small and medium-sized businesses have relied on this application as it provides them with many bookkeeping needs in one place.

Even though we already know how useful this software is, it doesn’t mean that it is devoid of any issues. In the QB application, there are endless bugs, known as QuickBooks errors. There is quite a lot of variety when it comes to these errors. That’s why Intuit also introduced the QuickBooks file doctor tool that can look for these bugs and easily resolve them on its own. One can get rid of all company file and network file issues, if they use this tool. With this article, learn ways to QuickBooks file doctor direct download and install it.

How Can QuickBooks file doctor help QB users?

As we mentioned earlier, the QuickBooks file doctor can fix many bugs that arise in the desktop application. Once the tool is downloaded, you have the option to resolve a wide range of issues on your own. It can help many users who are facing different types of difficulty with their software:

  1. The 6000 series errors.
  2. QuickBooks is not responding issue.
  3. The H series issues.
  4. QuickBooks is unable to open the company file.
  5. The QuickBooks can’t connect.
  6. Network Issues
  7. The list of Employees, Customers, and Vendors is empty.

What are the Different Types of QuickBooks File Doctor?

There are two primary types of QuickBooks file doctor. Both are pretty effective, but knowing about both of them will make troubleshooting errors easier. You will find both types of versions available on the official platforms:

The Integrated Version

This version of this tool comes with the QB application itself. The integrated version does not ask for any special system configuration other than what is intended for the QB software. The users need to ensure that they keep the QB application updated as soon as the new release arrives for installation.

The separate version

If you have an old version of the QB software, then it may not have QuickBooks file doctor integrated into it. Hence, for them, a separate version of this tool is still available. In applications that have only the database server manager, there is a need to keep this application separately. QuickBooks file doctor direct downloads and maintain a separate version in their system as well for better coverage.

All you Need to Know About the QuickBooks file doctor

If the user has an integrated version of the QuickBooks file doctor, then you must keep a track of these things to ensure smooth use of the tool:

  1. Users are mandated to download and install the latest version of the NET framework. It is a component of the Microsoft windows that QB users to work smoothly on your system. If this isn’t available in your system, take the help of QB Tool Hub.
  2. This tool is available for 2003-12 servers, windows 10,8, and 7. It is compatible with these versions of windows and servers only. If you have something different from this, update your system, and application, and reach out to the QB error support team for instant resolution.
  3. This tool helps fix the company file and data. For this, users need to install and download the QB application and use it in their system.

Lastly, the application isn’t available globally. Only the QB users of CA, US, and the UK can access this software.

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