QuickBooks Error 15270

If you have a subscription for payroll services in QuickBooks, you might encounter several errors like QuickBooks error 15270. Whenever this specific error code comes up, a dialog box appears with a trigger message written on it saying that “ Error 15270: The payroll update did not complete successfully. One of the files to be updated was in use and could not be replaced”. The issue triggers when you are unable to download the latest payroll tax table. Hence, through this article, gather information on what causes the error 15270 in QuickBooks Desktop and how to troubleshoot the same with the help of solutions we have explained here.

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Major Reasons That Provokes the Payroll Update Error 15270

If you are looking for causes due to which this particular error triggers, read out the points enlisted in this part of the blog-

  • You might not have attempted to download the entire payroll update, and hence, the problem is arising.
  • There is also a possibility that your payroll subscription has expired, because of which, you cannot download the payroll service updates.

Learn the most efficient debugging processes by reading this article further

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Simple Solutions to Get Rid of the QuickBooks Desktop Error 15270

Are you wondering how to fix the issue in order to download your payroll tax table without any obstacles? Then you must have a look at the debugging methods we have provided further. Ensure to execute each step precisely-

SOLUTION 1: Check and Re-Validate Your Payroll Subscription

  • Launch your QuickBooks Desktop and click on the ‘Employees’ tab.
  • Select the ‘My Payroll Service’ option and then ‘Account/Billing Information’ or ‘Account Info/Preferences’.
  • After that, go to your Intuit account and navigate to the ‘QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance’ page.
  • On the following page, check the status of your payroll subscription.
  • It is supposed to display as ‘Active’.
  • If it is not active, make sure to validate it again.

SOLUTION 2: Download the Payroll Service to the Latest Release

  • At first, open QuickBooks and move the cursor to the ‘Help’ tab.
  • Under the tab, click on the ‘Update QuickBooks’ option.
  • In the following window, hit ‘Update Now’.
  • After the update finishes, you will see an ‘Update Complete’ message.
  • Now, launch your QuickBooks again, and the moment you receive a message which says, ‘QuickBooks Update Service’, tap ‘Install Now’.
  • Once the update installs completely, again go to the ‘Employees’ tab, and to reinstall the updates, hit the ‘Get
  • Payroll Updates’ option.
  • Next, checkmark the ‘Download entire payroll update’ checkbox, and in the end, tap on ‘Update’.

The blog ends here. We hope we can deliver you all the crucial info about the QuickBooks error 15270. Now, you must be able to fix the problem quickly and permanently. In case you need any help related to the same issue, dial 1.800.579.0391 and speak to our technical assistance team.

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