Everyone has found infographics and knows what it is. Posts containing infographics (either on the website or on social networks ) usually get more views and likes. Creating professional infographics requires good design skills or money to pay for these designers. However, this is not entirely true, and everyone can create professional infographics without much design skill and without paying expensive designers.
Next, we’ll take a look at popular online infographic creation services. In the review below, we’ll include just these services to find that out quickly and easily. However, if you want to always create and use infographics in the future, I recommend reading a book on the subject.

DesignCap – designcap.com

Infographics creation service – DesignCap


The service provides thousands of professionally designed templates to help you easily create infographics, presentations, posters, brochures, social media graphics, etc.
Transform your massive data into a cool rendered graphic! Customize the graph as you wish and present the data clearly to your customers and partners.
The free version has restrictions on models and the number of downloads.

Easel.ly –  easel.ly

Infographics creation service – Easel.ly


The mission of the service is to make information available to anyone. Easelly is an ideal choice for educators, students, business owners and managers who need to communicate ideas, lesson plans or concepts in an easy-to-understand visual way.
An excellent service explicitly made for the creation of infographics—nothing else. After registration, you can start viewing your ideas immediately. It seems that even a child will be able to create infographics with this tool. It appears that the service is free. We haven’t found a payment word.
A huge database of images and icons is available for free.

Infogram –  infogram.com

Infographics creation service – Infogram


In the free version, the service does not have so many templates and download restrictions. If you are ready to draw an image on the service and save it as a screenshot, you can use it for free.
Allows you to insert icons, images, build graphics, insert maps. In general, everything you have seen in someone’s infographic can be done with this service.
In addition, Infogram allows you to create interactive infographics and publish them immediately on the Internet.
Ideal if you create infographics regularly, for occasional jobs – a little expensive.

Picktochart –  piktochart.com

Infographics creation service – Piktochart

Excellent service for creating infographics. Many free high-quality templates, great editing possibilities, you can even design from scratch. The service logo is added during an export on a free account, but you can crop it if you wish.
We think that most will have enough free features, but for those who dedicate themselves to infographics professionally, it is not a sin to switch to a paid one.

Venngage –  venngage.com

Creation of infographics in Venngage


Aren’t you a designer? No problems! Editable templates for infographics, presentations, reports, and publications on social networks will help you become a design guru with just a few clicks.
Use one of the professionally designed infographics templates to inspire and create infographics quickly. Visualize data in tables and graphs. Change the design of your infographic quickly by experimenting with fonts and colors in Venngage Infographic Maker.
You won’t be able to download infographics on the free plan, but screenshots solve the problem.

Mind the graph –  mindthegraph.com

Create quality infographics with Mind the Graph

Mind the graph

Mind the graph is a service for creating high-quality, detailed infographics.
The free plan service is almost useless, but it is worth paying attention if you need to create infographics on scientific topics periodically.
The intention has many models and diagrams covering various topics. You can find detailed images of multiple technologies and human organs and parts, cars, animals, medicines, and space-more than 40,000 accurate scientific illustrations that can magnify the impact of information.
Spiritual and academic researchers rely on a graph in more than 100 leading academic, educational, and industrial institutions.

Drawtify –  drawtify.com

Creating an infographic with Drawtify


Drawtify is a friendly online graphic design service, animation editing tool, and editor application. Integrated vector editor, animation editor, photo editor, layout features, and typography tools, plus a wide variety of effect filters, design plugins, and design features.
Free for basic needs, there is a limitation in the quality of downloaded documents. The editor seems to us inconvenient.

Canva –  canva.com

Canva creator of banners and infographics


The undisputed leader who practically has no competition in terms of capabilities. However, it loses to services specialized only in infographics.
There is a lot you can do on the free plan. We practically replaced Photoshop.
Millions of images. Create designs with millions of photos, vectors, and illustrations. You can even add your files.
Photo filters. Edit photos with preconfigured filters or become professional and use photo editing tools – the choice is always yours.
Hundreds of sources. Choose from a selection of wonderful fonts for each design. Canva has it all – come and get it.
Our choice
We like the possibilities offered by online services for creating graphics. We will practically stop using Photoshop. We have benefits for each task that solve specific problems well.
For us, we highlight those two services:
DesignCap: In the free plan, the main limitation is the number of ready-made templates and image libraries. But DesignCap is excellent as a graphics editor. We created many charts from scratch. If necessary, we can take free actions to take images.
Canva: In the free plan, you can use all content without restriction, but only download 50 works per month.
And those are the tools for creating online infographics. Analyze each one and choose the one that best fits your needs.