QuickBooks closes unexpectedly

As QuickBooks is software that keeps getting bugs or glitches while using it. Sometimes while working, QuickBooks closes unexpectedly or shuts down. Many such errors disrupt the workflow of the users. While some users also get worried about any damage to the company files or data while these errors keep attacking the system. Due to this, it becomes essential to resolve such issues on time. You might also not receive any error code, and your QuickBooks will disappear while working. Your application might freeze, and you will not be able to perform any function further. So let us understand how to resolve such issues in QuickBooks quickly.

You can also contact our customer support team at 1.855.738.2784 in case your QuickBooks closes unexpectedly. We have a team of QB experts who are experienced in handling such errors. You address your issues with them and get appropriate advice.

Possible reasons behind QuickBooks crashing frequently

There can be several reasons behind your QuickBooks crashing, but we have listed some of the major causes of this glitch. First, let us look at them so we can avoid this error.

  • If your company file name exceeds the character limit, your QuickBooks can crash suddenly.
  • Having a corrupted hard drive can also cause this bug in your system.
  • Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks installation files could also cause this glitch in your QuickBooks.
  • Your QuickBooks will keep freezing and hanging if you have an outdated version of the QuickBooks application.
  • If you use various reports side by side, your QuickBooks might freeze suddenly.
  • If you are trying to email an extensive report, your QuickBooks shuts down after login.

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How to identify the QuickBooks crashing glitch in your system?

Knowing about the situations could make your troubleshooting easier. Let us understand what we experience when QuickBooks stops responding.

  • When the bug enters your system, your QuickBooks shuts down randomly and does not perform any additional functions.
  • Your QuickBooks will load slowly, or it might even start shutting down after a few minutes.
  • If the operating system of your pc crashes, then also you could experience the same glitch.
  • You might come across error messages for the application closing abruptly.

Some troubleshooting solutions to fix QuickBooks desktop crashing error

We have some troubleshooting solutions to prevent “QuickBooks shutting down” glitches. Let us delve into the solutions step by step and try implementing them.

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Solution 1: Run quick fix my program

  • Close your QuickBooks
  • Download the QuickBooks tool hub
  • Open the downloaded file and complete it installing on your system
  • You might get a fee prompt to continue ahead with them
  • Once the tool hub is installed
  • Please open it and head to program problems
  • Tap on quick fix my program
  • Reopen QuickBooks desktop

If your QuickBooks is still crashing and you cannot get any help from the solution above, please refer to the other solutions mentioned below.

Solution 2: Take help of install a diagnostic tool

  • Open your tool hub and go to program problems
  • Tap on QuickBooks diagnostic tool and wait for it to run
  • Once it is complete, restart your pc and then start QuickBooks again

Solution 3: Rename your QBWUSER.ini file

  • Look for the folder in which the QBWUSER.ini is located
  • Enable hidden files and folders if you are unable to locate the file
  • Once you find the file move ahead and right- click on it
  • Tap on the rename option
  • Write .old at the end of the file. It should come like “QBWUSER.ini.old.”
  • Try opening QuickBooks desktop again and check if the glitch has gone now

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Solution 4: Repair QuickBooks

  • Reboot your pc
  • Go to the windows menu and then head to the control panel
  • Choose the programs and features option and then click on uninstall a program
  • Select QuickBooks from the list and then click on uninstall/change
  • Tap on continue and then hit repair
  • Click next and wait for the tool to begin
  • Do not forget to tap on finish once it done
  • Try running QuickBooks as admin. You can right-click on QuickBooks and click on the run as administrator

Solution 5: Update your windows

  • Try updating the windows
  • As the update ends, restart your workstation
  • Check if you can open your QuickBooks and if the error has been resolved

Solution 6: Try switching to a selective startup

  • To preview the run command window, press Windows + R
  • Write msconfig and then tap on ok
  • Head to the general tab and click on selective startup and load system services
  • Move to the services tab and tap hide all Microsoft services
  • Tap on the option to disable all
  • Untick the hide all Microsoft services box
  • Ensure you have selected windows installer from the list of services
  • Finally, click on restart in the system configuration window

Solution 7: Try setting automatic updates

  • Go to the main menu and head to help
  • Tap on update QuickBooks desktop
  • Look for update now tab
  • Tap on reset updates to delete all the previous downloads
  • Click on get updates
  • Let the updates download, and then restart your QuickBooks
  • If the pc prompts to install the update, accept it
  • In the options tab, click on automatic updates
  • Press close to end the process

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Solution 8: Try running a clean install tool

  • Open your QuickBooks tool hub and go to installation issues
  • Look for the QuickBooks clean install tool
  • Move ahead and click on the continue tab
  • After following all the prompts, proceed further as the process completes
  • Click on the ok button

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Solution 9: Try copying the company file to the desktop

  • Create a new folder on the desktop
  • Head where your company file is placed
  • Copy the company file
  • Go to the new folder and paste it there
  • Hold the ctrl key until no company open window appears on your screen
  • To open or restore an existing company, click.
  • Tap on next once you open the company file
  • Please move to the file that you have copied on your desktop and try accessing it

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, you can also try these simple steps for resolving the QuickBooks crashing glitch.

  • Fix the windows components manually and try to repair them to fix the QuickBooks crashing issues.
  • If none of these can help you, try updating your QuickBooks. Updating QuickBooks keeps you away from many such errors or glitches.
  • Try renaming the .nd and .tlg files, look for them, rename them and check if the glitch is still there.
  • You can also suppress your QuickBooks application and try re-accessing it to check if your QuickBooks is crashing again. You can do it by double-clicking on QuickBooks while pressing the ctrl + shift keys. Wait for QuickBooks to open before releasing the keys.
  • Try running the QuickBooks database server manager from the tool hub.

Winding it up here!

I hope you have successfully eliminated the QuickBooks closes unexpectedly. If you are still stuck on it and need help getting back to working on QuickBooks, please reach our customer support team. You can ring them directly at 1.855.738.2784 for all your queries. Get instant advice from them and implement it to get away with the crashing glitch.

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