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Following are the things you need to keep in mind while you decide on a kitchen sink for your home!


You must choose the best arrangement for your kitchen makeover before you can start looking for a kitchen sink. The “work triangle” is still the greatest design principle for a kitchen. This approach focuses on creating a triangle-shaped separation between the three primary work areas in the kitchen. These include the sink, stove, and obviously the refrigerator. The importance of the layout is clear to everyone who has ever lived in a house with a subpar kitchen, so don’t cut corners while carefully arranging your design. Nothing is worse than having to move about awkwardly while attempting to prepare supper. It’s time to select the ideal sink once the layout is finished and you’re satisfied.

CONFIGURATION: Double Bowl, Single Bowl or Sink with Drainboard?

Whether a single or double bowl sink is preferable depends on how you plan to utilize your sink. You are likely constrained to a single bowl if your kitchen is tiny in design. Simply said, it is not worthwhile to take away from your already constrained bench space. If you have enough space, you may take some time to think about your dishwashing requirements.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

It’s likely that you haven’t required a dual sink if you haven’t considered installing one. Single bowl Sink are often less expensive to buy and install and come in a variety of sizes to fit any kitchen. A deep single basin sink may provide you with a little bit extra counter space in small kitchens without sacrificing the area needed to wash bigger objects.

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

double bowl sink may provide you versatility in large-sized home kitchens. Many individuals like to wash their dishes in one bowl and rinse them in another. The option of having two identical compartments or a set-up with a huge bowl and a second, smaller bowl is also available. You will have ample room to clean your large pots and pans as a result.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink With Drainboard

The kitchen sinks with drainboards are the most preferred sinks as they provide extra space for preparation and cooking activities like chopping, thawing, straining, drying, etc. The drainboard as the name suggests can also be used to stack washed dishes to drain out the excess water. This type of sink is advisable for kitchens that have long continuous slabs.


The shape of the sink bowl matter aesthetically. The sink cut and style have to match the overall décor and personality of the kitchen.

Round Bowl

They look good in small cozy kitchens which have playful colours and give a vibrant vibe.

Square Bowl

These look better with modular kitchens as they offer more space with similar dimensions as compared to the round bowls. The square bowl kitchen sinks look good with dark slabs and sharp and striking colors like dark blue, sparkling black, cherry red, etc.


While the design of your sink affects the entire appearance of your kitchen, choosing sturdy materials will help you get the most out of your investment. It might be difficult to know what to select when there are so many alternatives available on the market at different price points.

One guideline applies regardless of your spending limit or personal preference: Invest in a nice finish (or non-porous). A brushed finish’s minute grooves provide a space where food fragments can accumulate and become a haven for germs. LIPKA’S 304-Grade Stainless steel kitchen sinks are the ideal and the perfect sinks for any household. The steel contains 8% nickel that actively resists rusting and keeps the sink functioning properly for a long time. The Kitchen sinks come with a sound deadening foam pad that absorb the noise of splashing water and clashing utensils. The stainless steel is one the most easily maintainable materials that does not require any serious care. All you need to do is keep it clean after using it.

The ideal material for kitchen sinks for all modular as well as traditional kitchens is stainless steel due to its durability and strength.

What is the Use of Double Bowl Sink?

Despite the fact that there are too many uses to list here, let’s quickly go over the four main benefits of a double bowl sink that will persuade you to get one.

Aids Multitasking

You may easily complete both activities in the two available compartments if you enjoy multitasking, for instance, cleaning the dishes and washing the veggies before cooking.

Assistance in Maintaining a Pile

Two double sinks will have adequate depth to keep all the utensils outside and none will be at risk of falling out if you believe in washing the utensils later after the pile has been built. Even then, a double sink kitchen will come in handy if you occasionally have a lot of company around.

Steptualize Dishwashing Process

Dishwashing can be made simpler by breaking it up into two steps. As a result, you can apply the liquid in one sink, keep the utensils there, and wash the dishes in the other. With such steptualizing, the dishes will be cleaned thoroughly, promptly, and mess-free.

Drainage of Water for Wet Utensils

Most people have a drainboard for their utensils to be placed on after washing them so that the water can drain more easily, but having a double sink can enable you wash on one side and place on the other where the water can drain faster and without a mess.

Where to Find the Best Double Sink kitchen?

In the home renovation sector, LIPKA is a well-known company that makes fixtures for the bathroom and kitchen. The business offers a range of kitchen sinks in various sizes and designs. The most highly recommended steel in the world, AISI 304 Grade Stainless Steel with a composition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel, is used to create double bowl sinks. They have a glossy, mirror-like finish that deters water spots and keeps food from sticking.

When heated in a furnace, double bowl sinks become more ductile and less rigid, increasing their durability and ability to endure high temperatures. Heavy-duty sink coupling made of stainless steel keeps debris from blocking the drainage pipes. Strong, unbreakable waste pipes that can handle both hot and cold water are specifically made to ensure rapid drainage. These kitchen sinks have lightweight sound-absorbing pads installed to block out sounds from cutlery or running water. Material that is 100% rust-proof and anti-corrosive guarantees long-lasting durability. They come in a variety of sizes and are wholly produced in India.

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