Digital Marketing

How Businesses Use 4 Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services is how businesses communicate with people online to share their products. In a way, online business is an amalgamation of traditional and digital marketing tactics.

The whole concept of digitalised marketing can get divided into four major categories. Each has its niche and brings novel features and ways to help a brand promote its business.

1.       Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the business model that creates customer-specific content and distributes it to a target audience. It helps to establish connections, and the content brings in sales prospects. Content marketing does not require any pitching.

Ø  Relevant Content to Target Audience

All the business needs to do is provide relevant and useful content to the clients. The prospective customers, along with the veteran ones, can have their issues solved with the content. Using content as a marketing tool has its benefits. Here are four such benefits:

  • Increase in Sales
  • Cost Savings
  • Loyal Customers
  • The content acts as a profit-driving tool

Ø  Content Makes Business Successful

One gets information all the time. However, content marketing sets itself apart as the information it provides is “relevant and valuable”. Unlike other companies, content marketing intrigues the target content and draws potential clients. It gives the audience real value as they engage with the business.

Ø  Create Brand Awareness

The major objective of content marketing is to raise brand awareness. They do so through social media and increase their followers on such platforms. The company can also educate the consumers about the brand’s services and novelty. It could create a personal note that all find relatable.

After the objective, the business can decide the type of content they want to reach their goals. Content marketing is also closely related to SEO. SEO helps to bring in more customers. Searching through keywords drives traffic on the web. Sometimes businesses combine the two to bring new visitors to their websites.

2.       Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a subcategory of digital marketing. It optimises the website for search engines. It helps to alleviate both the quality and quantity of the web content. It increases web traffic and gives more exposure to the brand. The whole operation is non-paid or, as it gets called, “organic” search results.

Ø  Keywords Drive Online Traffic

People will find for what they are looking. They type in some “keywords” when looking for something online. It helps brands and businesses to understand what the consumers are searching. They can study the search words and what they wish to consume. Knowing the answers to these questions helps businesses find solutions.

SEO helps to generate traffic which can turn into promising leads. With Dubai SEO company experts, businesses can get dividends over time. Businesses need to have solid content. Good content with generous and correct keywords will appear on the first page’s search engine results.

Ø  Quality Content Improves Visibility

Superior quality content optimises the site with keywords. This helps the site to rank better on SERPs. They evaluate the interest of the users to give the best results. New content that is fresh and posted on time will rank higher than the old ones. SEO rewards pages with fresh content.

Ø  Optimise HTML

Optimising HTML improve the rankings of the websites. HTML pages are tagged and described, which helps the pages rank better on SERPs. Maintaining HTML can improve marketing strategies. Elements like the title tag, meta description, URL, Alt text and heading make the site rank better.

The title tag describes the page that appears on the search page. The Meta description gives a breakdown of the content of the page. The URL gives the page a unique address. The Alt text refers to the image, while the headings divide the content into digestible parts.

3.       Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is closely related to Dubai SEO Company. However, in SEM, it is advertising via a paid media gig. Businesses using SEM earn traffic through buying ads on search engines. One may have seen the top four results on a search engine result page saying “ad” underneath. SEM does marketing in the following ways.

Ø  Search Engine Ads

It displays the ad on top of the page related to the keyword one type. Companies can choose the location and other factors to improve their marketing strategy. The SEM marketing strategy that is commonly used is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. This is the most effective strategy in the B2B market. It shows immediate impact.

One can see the ads on the SERPs when the campaign gets launched. With the help of SEM, companies can send ads to their target audience. The audience can be filtered based on age, location, habits, interests, and more. The businesses can also track ROI, which makes SEM a perfect match for B2B.

4.       Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing allows businesses to gain traffic through social media platforms. For instance, businesses use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more to promote their products. They do so by generating target posts or ads.

Since each platform is different, businesses need to develop unique strategies for each. In social media digital marketing, the blog and content need to get optimised as per the platform. Social media is the hub of connection. People share their ideas and converse about brands.

Ø  Post Relevant Content Media Posts

Posting relevant content will increase the number of followers. This creates more awareness about the products and the business. Paid media campaigns positively affect search engines. Features like interactive chatbots, personalised experiences for online customers, using social media influencers drive traffic and sales.

The viral marketing in SMM triggers word-of-mouth product promotion. Other engagements include product reviews, shares, reposts and mentions.


When leveraged, all these types of marketing allow businesses to reach their target audience. In this competitive market, businesses must be on their tiptoes to use all the strategies to their advantage. Not only to increase sales but also to build a reliable customer base.