Five tips to better manage your e-commerce internally

How you manage your e-commerce internally depends on the success of your online store. Yet, today we talk about eCommerce, as if online stores were the only ones to exist, forgetting that physical ones have a lot to teach.

Managing e-commerce internally means finding the right online marketing strategy and thinking exactly as you would if you had a physical store.

What is the first difference that comes to your mind between a physical store and a virtual store?

Physical contact. The famous vis à vis, which allows the customer to interact with a salesperson and ask questions such as:

  • Is it red?
  • I was looking for something longer, suitable for a formal evening.

Then there is factor number two, but for me, it could quickly go hand in hand with the first, that is, the possibility of trying the goods and looking in the mirror. I’m referring to a clothing store.

Here, all this in an online store is not there, which means that we start at a disadvantage. That’s why you have to work twice as much.

The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 5 tips that will help you better manage your e-commerce internally
  • 2 Customer Care
  • 3 Website management – web marketing manager and SEO
  • 4 Web content editor – site content and entry of product data sheets
  • 5 Management of suppliers and deliveries
  • 6 Packaging

5 tips that will assist you better maintain your e-commerce internally

Each plays its role in a real shop:

  1. There is the salesman who greets you – usually good-looking, always smiling;
  2. There is the salesman who helps you and follows you in the purchase if you ask for it – this is a determining role in a shop;
  3. There is the clerk at the cash desk, who only performs this task;

The store manager is added to the figure of the clerks, who takes care of relations with suppliers, staff management, sales trends, etc. It is a crucial figure in retail. Retail means retail. By definition, it is the sale of goods or services from a business to a consumer for personal use—a transaction at …, which aims to achieve company objectives.

Similarly, it must happen in an online shop. There should be:

  1. A figure who deals with customer care – must know perfectly what the store sells, always give kind answers, so never lose patience. If your shop also has one or more social pages to support the online strategy, the customer care person must help the social commerce specialist (SCS) manage the FB page, IG, etc. Possibly it would be the case to have an SCS in place, which follows the social pages and works alongside those who deal with customer care via telephone and email;
  2. A figure who deals with the management and control of the site – from SEOSearch Engine Optimization (search engine optimization): the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the organic results of the engines …, the correct functionality of the site, the development of customer acquisition strategies;
  3. A figure who deals only with e-commerce contents and who draws up detailed product sheets;
  4. A figure that deals with the management of suppliers and deliveries;
  5. A figure who deals with packaging. Packaging means the packaging or bottling of products to make them safe from damage during transport and storage. Packaging maintains a product …, which is a beautiful word and a way to build customer loyalty in the right way.

Customer Care

Password: patience.

Today, most consumers under 40 use social media to communicate with online stores. Facebook pages are specially designed to manage communications more quickly and effectively. However, there should be two figures who deal with the CC: one who is dedicated to responding and monitoring comments under Facebook and Instagram posts – social commerce specialist – and one who responds to emails and phone calls arriving at the office.

In both cases, you need to reassure the customer and give all the valuable information. Again, automation can go a long way if you receive more than 100 messages a day. Potential consumers can request more photos of the product, or if they belong to over 50s, they want to call and make sure they have a natural person on the other side to reassure them if something goes wrong in the buying process.

Site management – web marketing manager and SEO

Most entrepreneurs, especially at the beginning of the business, want to take care of the site themselves. That’s is why e-commerce platforms are designed to be managed even by those not in the trade.

On the other hand, a professional should perform this role by complying with possible chaos given by the panel quickly. In addition, the person should know about both web design and SEO. 

Furthermore, this figure must be able to:

  • Study the reports of Analytics, or web analytics, is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of web data for understanding and optimizing the use of the web. 
  • Develop traffic acquisition strategies
  • Plan the logistics of operations

Web content editor – site content and product data entry

If in the physical store we have the salesman, on the virtual one this role is played by the web content editor, who must make the product sheets detailed, clear and full of information. Its purpose is to make the site’s contents convincing, reassuring, and transparent for the reader.

The part of entering product data sheets requires a lot of attention. If the administrative office of e-commerce is also a warehouse, the ideal is to take the product physically and describe it by looking at it closely. Only in this way will the product sheets be persuasive.

This role also has the task of making sure that the photos of the products are seen well and from multiple perspectives. To support this figure, there should also be a graphic that helps him create beautiful and stimulating photographic contents, but above all, suitable for the panel.

I never repeat, take photos from the supplier’s catalog, and put them online on the site directly. It would be best if you always made them work and make them attractive for the web, as long as you do not want to invest in a photographer who takes memorable photos of your products for the network.

Supplier and delivery management

That’s a relationship with suppliers, and the management of couriers for the delivery of orders is another crucial role for the success of e-commerce. Deliveries should always occur within 24 working hours, and couriers should consistently deliver products intact and to the correct addresses.

That’s is not a detail, but what makes your e-commerce a consumer favorite over your competitor. A competitor is a company in the same sector or a similar sector that offers a similar product or service in economic jargon. Could be.


Packaging is your tangible business card, your competitive advantage. Customizing is the secret. How?

  • Branded envelopes;
  • Gadgets;
  • Discount coupon for the next purchase.

It takes a separate figure for this task, who takes care of putting a gadget inside each package, a thank you card with the recipient’s name written by hand. The packaging must be made skillfully, and the branded envelopes represent an intelligent and fast ploy to personalize the package.

The discount coupon is the anchor that binds the consumer to think that next time, it is better to buy from you than from your competitor, even if his price. Price is the amount of money required for a product or service. So, in a broad sense, the price is the sum of all is lower.

Many forget that to obtain social consensus, people must feel pampered. We all always want to feel special; this leads people to return to a store when the shop assistant is kind, smiling, and helpful.

You have to do the same. Always pamper your insurance customers.