Talks About 5 Causes of Toothache When Chewing

Your tooth probably hurts every time you exert pressure on it or chew. If that’s the case for you, this blog is right for you. Toothache can occur due to several reasons. Learning about the potential causes and warning signs of a toothache can help you deal with it timely. Here’s what Cypress dentist has to say about possible causes of tooth pain when chewing.

1. When the tooth or filling is bearing excessive force than it should

Tooth pain can occur when the pressure exerted while biting down is not evenly distributed. In other words, you may feel a toothache when certain teeth or filling bears excessive force than they should. This often occurs for patients with improper occluded fillings or other dental work. If there is improper occlusion, you may feel pain in the tooth sitting higher than others. This will also lead to pain sensation in the opposite tooth. So if your tooth or filling hurts, visit your dentist. They might check your bite and see whether the occlusion is an issue. Ask your partner to notice whether you have a teeth-grinding habit when you sleep. Regular wear of teeth due to bruxism is also a common reason why patients experience tooth pain.

2. When you have developed a cavity

When you experience tooth pain or sensitivity after eating, it might be due to a cavity or decay. Most people experience tooth pain and sensitivity when they have developed a cavity. Notice whether you suffer from such discomfort after eating which type of food. Is it when you consume sweets or crunchy food items? Sometimes, crunchy food and sweets can stick in cavities, resulting in toothache. If that’s the case for you, schedule an appointment with the dentist before your condition worsens.

3. Infection can be a possible reason

Another reason why you might experience tooth pain is infection. A dental abscess can cause throbbing tooth pain, especially when you bite down. When you develop an abscess, the pus inside the tooth or gum exerts pressure on your tooth, leading to pain while chewing. If you feel tooth pain in intervals, salty taste in the mouth, or notice pimples on your gums, it can be because of tooth infection. Since infection can quickly spread to other areas, you should see your dentist immediately and undergo treatment.

4. A cracked tooth can cause tooth pain

It’s not easy to diagnose a cracked tooth. In most cases, a cracked tooth shows no sign. But later on, they can lead to throbbing tooth pain. Notice where the pain is coming from and tell your dentist. They will help determine a cracked tooth by using a special bite stick. Dentists also use dental X-rays to help identify severe fractures. Therefore, you should get it treated before bacteria find their way into the gap and cause infection or decay.

5. When you have an underlying gum disease

Sometimes, a toothache can be due to underlying gum disease, often caused by poor oral hygiene. Periodontal disease may be the reason, especially if you experience toothache with bleeding, swollen gums, or decreased teeth’ attachment to the gums. A dental exam is the best way to find the exact cause if you’re unsure.


Toothache can occur due to numerous reasons. If you experience a persistent toothache, it can signify an underlying dental problem. Visit Cypress dentist to find the exact cause. At Rodeo Dental, we will help you identify the cause and suggest the best ways to treat it. Act promptly and schedule an appointment today!