Chauffeur Insurance

If you are working as a chauffeur, you need to get an expert insurance policy. If you are taking your clients in a luxury car or other vehicle means that the chauffeur has different requirements to the usual taxi drivers.

Chauffeur drivers generally take various kinds of passengers to regular taxis. So, it is clear chauffeur insurance costs you less to insure than private hire.

As we know, chauffeurs are mainly used for honored clients and occasions, the cars tend to be higher risk than the standard taxis.

Difference between chauffeur and private hire

There are many similarities between chauffeur and private hire. Both take passengers to their destination and book in advance. But the major difference is that chauffeurs are generally booked on a contract basis. The payment method is also very flexible; you can usually be settled on an account, via invoice, or at the point of drop-off.

Unlike private hire taxis, the chauffeur is very professional. Chauffeur drivers will wear a uniform and will drive luxury, which will allow them to charge higher.

Chauffeurs are more often than not used for special occasions like weddings or celebrity clients. This is a little different from standard private hire, which you can book from anywhere.

Types of cover you need

If you are driving high-end and luxury vehicles and book passengers in advance, you have to make sure that your policy covers you well in addition to road risk cover, chauffeur insurance also provides you with different types of cover.

Public liability:

It will protect you against claims from members of the public. If someone gets injured in your vehicle, this cover will payout in the claim of an event.

Replacement vehicle car:

If your vehicle is not on the road for some reason, having a replacement means you can still carry passengers, with no loss of earnings.

Breakdown cover:

If someone has a big meeting, a party, or even a wedding you don’t want to let him down and that is the reason breakdown cover will be an excellent idea if you are mainly working on special occasions.

Employers liability:

If you employ some other drivers in your chauffeur business, then you should have employers’ liability cover. 

Chauffeur Insurance

Cost of chauffeur insurance

It is one of the most frequently asked questions, because for every car, vehicle, and location, and type of customer, neither two policies can match. The cost of your chauffeur insurance will be determined by the value of your vehicle and there are factors like the age of your vehicle, its mileage and where it is kept when it is not being used, and also your postal code.

It all depends on your business and what you want from your insurance policy, there are many options with chauffeur insurance.

You can also get cover for personal use. So that you and named drivers can use the vehicle for different purposes.

Chauffeur insurance companies in UK also include passenger liability, but this only covers those who are paying fees inside the car. 

How to save money?

The best and one of the easy methods to save money and get the best price on your cover is to compare quotes from a wide range of insurance providers.

Chauffeur drivers tend to drive higher value cars than private hire drivers. 

How to reduce the cost of chauffeur insurance?

It does not matter, what type of insurance you have, there are always ways to reduce the cost of it:

  • Must pay annually for your policy instead of monthly.
  • Should choose an insurer that honors and protects no-claim discounts.
  • You should always inform your insurer about extra driving qualification certificates you have under your belt.
  • You must get the benefit of a multi-car policy if it is available and applicable. 

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