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Choosing Women’s Fragrances According to Seasons

It is quite common among women to be faithful towards a particular scent all year long. While having a signature perfume is a style statement in itself, a scent that fits the summers may not fit the winters.

As these seasons are practically opposite of each other, a lot of factors play into the part. Different seasons call for different types of women’s fragrances.

Below we have listed the type of notes or scents you must be wearing for a particular season.

The Freshness of Springs

Spring symbolises the renewal of nature. It attracts a certain type of smell usually associated with “fresh” “soft” and “flowery”.

People who love spring are very lively and sparkly. They are full of life with cheerful vibes, a lot of spontaneity and energy.

They are creative and positive. For a typical spring smell in a women’s perfume gift set, you should be looking for fragrances inspired by nature.

The fresh aroma of grass, citrus, fruity essence as well as aromatic notes of herbs. Flowers like lily, lilac, freesia are popularly associated with spring smelling perfumes.

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The Femineity of Summers

Summer is the season of being carefree. But with this pleasant feeling also comes more sweating than usual. People who love summer have a feminine personality. They are sensitive and dreamy.

However, summer fragrances must be a little strong than spring. People love to go on camping, to the beach or do other adventure sports.

A fragrance with the smell of powdery flowers like iris, violet, mimosa can be perfect for summer scents. Orange-based smells with blossom tea or jasmine is also a wise choice.

The Aromatic Autumn

The autumn or fall comes with a lot of festivities and natural beauty along. It is a time for families to get together for the upcoming holiday season. Also, with just summers gone, it is a time for self-discovery and mindfulness.

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The autumn has a calm and authenticity in it. A woman who loves autumn has a determined personality with their own sense of style.

For autumn, the women’s fragrance should have a woody, mossy smell. Sliced flavours like mocha, coffee and chocolates are appreciated. Also, a hint of cinnamon and grass makes it perfect. These perfumes have a unique sensuality in them. They are a perfect mix of sexy and warm notes.

The Fiery Winters

Winter is the opposite of summers both in terms of climate and perfume notes. If summers are all about freshness and carefree days, winters are all about warmth, cosiness and seduction.

A temperament that changes the whole mood of the room, winter lovers have an undeniable charm that captures everyone.

Winter fragrances are moody, tactile and sensuous. They have a certain mystery in them. Intense woody notes with oriental and flowery tints call for a perfect winter perfume. White flowers and smells of chocolate work as well.

By this point, you may have already found your perfume(fragrance) for the season. Now head to FCP and add your pick to the cart.