ICAI has given good news for CA Foundation students. The CA Foundation Exam Dates 2021 are released. But the amazing news is about when the exams will start. The exams, which are usually conducted in May every year, will be held a month later in June. According to the ICAI announcement, the CA Foundation exams are starting from 24th June 2021.

The students now have almost one month more to give time for their exam preparation. This ICAI’s announcement has brought a new zeal of excitement and determination in students. If you haven’t seen the CA Foundation Time Table yet, then click on the link above. You will find more important information there on CA Wizard.

CA Wizard is the best portal to get news updates and useful study resources for the CA course.

What should you know before starting CA Foundation Preparation?

You should see the CA Foundation Exam Date 2021 as soon as they are out. The dates are released by ICAI. For the May 2021 attempt, you can see the exam dates. Usually, the exams start in May, but this year, ICAI has scheduled them for June 2021.

Check out the CA Foundation Time Table on the link above. The exam timings for all four papers are also given there.

Filling the exam forms is very important. Therefore, you should know all the details about the application form. You can fill the application forms from 20th April to 4th May 2021 on the ICAI exam website. You can fill the late exam form by 7th May 2021 with an additional late fee. ICAI will not accept any application forms after that.

Important Note:
Students who have opted out of the November 2020 exams need to fill the new application forms for the May 2021 attempt. Although, the application fee will be adjusted as you have already paid that.

ICAI has also released a new list of places for CA Foundation exam centers. You can see the cities chosen for exam centres on CA Wizard.

Read more information about the CA Foundation Exam Date 2021 and how to fill the Application Form on the link above.

Study Tips to Start Preparation after CA Foundation Exam Dates are Released
The CA Foundation Time Table is out, and around half of the study period is already gone. But as the exams will be now conducted in June, students will have some extra time. But you should utilize this extra time to your advantage. Within the time left, you have to work hard for CA Foundation exam preparation. Use these study tips that will help you a lot in preparation for CA Foundation:
Get the updated version of CA Foundation Study Material provided by ICAI.
Solve the practice questions given in the ICAI study modules.
Use any reference books if you need them, but don’t use too many books.
Use the MTP, RTP, previous year papers of CA Foundation for practice.
Stay updated with ICAI notifications regarding CA Foundation Exam Dates May 2021.
Do proper time management for the time left for CA Foundation exams.
Make a complete schedule on how you will do your studies and revisions.
Take care of your health. Avoid too much oily food to keep your body energized and fit. If you fall sick, you will lose important days of exam preparation.
Take coaching classes from the best CA Coaching Institute. But rely completely on it. You have to put in your efforts and do self-study as well.

How to study each Subject after CA Foundation Exam Dates are out?
Paper 1:-
Focus on understanding concepts.
Do write practice for questions.
Paper 2:-
Give more time to the part of the law in the paper. Learn them as it is.
The English part is easy; for most of the topics, you have to revise what you learned in classes 11-12.
Paper 3:-
Learn formulae and understand their implications by understanding concepts.
Practice questions by writing them.
Paper 4:-
Most of the economics topics are from classes 11-12, so you have to revise them and make your knowledge base strong.

Q1. When is the first exam according to the CA Foundation Exam Dates May 2021?
Ans. 24th June 2021 is the first CA Foundation Exam Date May 2021.

Q2. Can I register for the May 2021 attempt after the CA Foundation Time Table May 2021 is released?
Ans. No. Until the CA Foundation Exam Date 2021 was released, the last date of registration was passed. If you wish, you can give exams in the November 2021 attempt.

Q3. Is it possible to pass CA Foundation with one month of preparation?
Ans. If you manage your time well and get your concepts clear in all the papers in one month, you can pass the CA Foundation exams.

Q4. Is it possible to pass CA Foundation without CA Coaching?
Ans. Yes, you can pass the CA Foundation exams without taking any coaching classes. But for that, your concepts should be clear.

Q5. How many hours should I study until the CA Foundation Exam Dates are here?
Ans. Give 8-10 hours per day to cover the complete syllabus and do proper revisions.

So start preparing for the exams. Check the CA Foundation Time Table 2021 on CA Wizard using the link given at the starting of this article. Print out the Datesheet and keep a copy on your desk. Stay tuned to CA Wizard to get the latest updates on CA Foundation Exam Dates June 2021. Use the tips above and make the best use of your study period before the exams.